About Us

Why We Care!

Motivated by Franko's playful charm, Pittie Paws emerged not just to sell attire but to spark a movement.
We go beyond fashion, dedicating a slice of every sale to local shelters, supporting their endeavors to secure loving homes for pitbulls overlooked due to misconceptions.


The Tail-Wagging Story of My Pittie Paws!

Pittie Paws is more than a brand; it's a heartfelt crusade born from a story of love, laughter, and a bit of pitbull slobber. We're a family driven by a goal to challenge and change the narrative around pitbulls, one snug sweatshirt at a time.

It all started with Franko, a bubbly, affectionate pitbull mix who came into our lives as a member of the "Lonely Hearts Club" at a shelter. Through his eyes, we saw not just hope, but the reality that the stigma attached to his breed was unfounded. Franko, our lovable clown, cherished cuddles over confrontations and preferred joyous games to any stereotype of fierceness.

A few of Franko's silly traits that defy the stereotypes:

  1. The Destroyer of Toys, Not Hearts: His toy box is a graveyard of squeakers and stuffing, but he handles hearts with gentle care.
  2. The Zoomie Artist: Watch him perform his 'zoomies'—it's like a clumsy ballet that ends with a thud and a big, happy grin.
  3. The Greeter: He's never met a stranger, just friends he hasn’t licked yet.
  4. The Napper: If there’s a nap world championship, Franko is a reigning champ, often found snoozing in the most awkward, belly-up positions.